5 Reasons why we chose Civil 3D and Infraworks to help in planning a Township

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01. CAD and BIM in one platform

In past several years, Engineering and Construction industry seems to be shifting from traditional 2D drafting to 3D modeling based on BIM or Building Information Modeling. One of the major setback of these solutions is the lack of 2D functionalities that are essential for accuracy and absolute necessary when construction drawings are to be produced. As a result, a lot of Architects, Engineers and Construction firms are relying on 2D drafting soft wares available in the market. The case is different with Autodesk Civil 3D: it offers the perfect solution for Civil Engineers and Urban Planners as it combines both 2D and 3D solutions for Infrastructure industry. It is primarily a BIM platform with intelligent 3D objects and complete set of 2D drafting, editing, and printing features offered traditionally by Autodesk’s AutoCAD.

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02. Advanced Civil works modeling and features

Civil 3D provides new options and greater freedom of creating volume and surfaces while increasing accuracy and performance. Civil 3D helped the designers to visualize the accurate Cut and Fill data for the entire 100 Acre land. For Transportation engineers, we created corridors/highways according to the desired horizontal and vertical alignments and also provided multiple section views in seconds, a procedure that in other software could be manually and would take hours.

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03. Flexible in modelling complex Surfaces

Getting the existing and finished terrain data is crucial for the success of any infrastructure project. Procedures ranging from surveying the existing site conditions and elevations contributes to the project’s success. Infraworks and Civil 3D provided existing data from cloud based services such as Infraworks 360 and interoperability between Infraworks and Civil 3D provided editable objects in Civil 3D to model Finished Surface and Corridors/Highways models with desired levels. The ability to create Finished surface using 3D Polylines or Features lines provided greater flexibility in modeling the terrain near to accuracy.

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04. Traditional Layer Structure and multiple viewports experience

Civil 3D simply offers the best layer structure and multiple-viewports experience. It allows the user to view and work simultaneously in multiple views of the model. For example, you can adjust a corridor in plan view and simultaneously work with its vertical profile or elevations in other view to see the effect of Cut and Fill daylight. All the models created are automatically put into descriptive layers and the user has the ability to create his/her own layers.

05. Best team work possibilities achieved using Civil 3D

Features like Data Shortcuts and A360 and Infraworks 360 provided solutions to collaboration problems and revision of drawings. A recent research has shown that almost 8-10 hours a week is spent in the exchange of information between team members which relates to the problem of collaborative efforts. We saved such laborious efforts by using Data shortcuts, A360 and Infraworks 360.

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