Rising Indian Cities : Smart Cities

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Among the most dynamic places in the world, Indian cities are emerging as rapid development spots having focus on industry or technology.

With the launch of country’s Smart City programs, Indian cities are developing rapidly aiming towards cohesive development in terms of social planning and infrastructure.

Seeking self-sustainable areas depends on various parameters such as better governance, smarter infrastructure and financial planning, etc allowing various Indian cities to undertake major infrastructure projects thereby improving the city life further. Gurgaon has just begun its operations for new transport links within its vicinity, similarly, Bengaluru (Formerly known as Bangalore) and Hyderabad are undertaking metro projects to rising city problems such as increasing traffic.

Both Hyderabad and Bengaluru are in works for their new airports; while across India, cities like Jewar in Uttar Pradesh and Kochi, Kerala are also working towards developing their new, modern airports.

By actively opening up of new infrastructure opportunities in India, environmental challenges poses a threat to putting off some potential opportunities in each city’s smart urban planning.

Randomized and unplanned rising of infrastructural opportunities could lead to waste of city’s living ecosystem in a couple of years.

People in Delhi-NCR regions are surviving with the tag of the most polluted city in the world with smog levels rising considerably. Similarly, people living in Gurgaon are on the verge of facing electric power and water scarcity.

Many green initiatives from Government of India has already been implemented or are in the process of implementing.

As a result, we can see Cochin Airport being tagged as the world’s first fully solar powered airport.

Indian cities has the potential to offer various sensible challenges and tackling them right from the beginning is what makes them unique on the global map.

India is maturing.

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