5 Reasons why we chose Civil 3D and Infraworks to help in planning a Township

01. CAD and BIM in one platform

In past several years, Engineering and Construction industry seems to be shifting from traditional 2D drafting to 3D modeling based on BIM or Building Information Modeling. One of the major setback of these solutions is the lack of 2D functionalities that are essential for accuracy and absolute necessary when construction drawings are to be produced. Continue reading

BIM Coordination Service Project : Singapore

Recently, WDI Studios has been working on this BIM Coordination service project partnering with our alliance in Singapore.  Assigned as BIM Team, we all were required to develop BIM model standards, BIM Template Libraries  and Family Libraries, Collaboration Procedure, and  the Project BIM Team defining the BIM Standards and also to adhere as per the BIM Execution Plan. Continue reading

4D BIM or 4D Construction Scheduling at WDI Studios

A quick look at WDI Studio’s 4D BIM or 4D Construction Scheduling services


In recent years, BIM or Building Information Modeling and or Management has grown in popularity amongst architects, engineers, and contractors. BIM is essential, at its core, a process through which one can achieve automated tasks as it helps to optimize one’s construction projects in a better way. The main benefits of BIM includes saving time and money. With its proven value, it is no wonder why more AEC industry companies are adopting its practices. One such company is We Design It Studios. The Indian based company established BIM in 2015 and has since expanded into a large and successful international firm of consulting architects and engineers. WDI Studios has credited BIM as having increased their capabilities and expertise as it allows them to verify different design options visually and resolve spatial coordination across multi-disciplinary models. In this article, we will take a closer look at the visual construction models and services used by WDI studios. Continue reading

BIM in India : Real Estate

How real estate can take advantage of 4D & 5D BIM in India to save costs and efficient construction without delays.


Indian Real Estate has seen a huge boom in construction activities in the last twenty years due to the growing need for urban development which includes roads and highways, hospitals and schools along with more and more industrial units. This has forced the AEC industry to look to the application of modern technology to meet demand while time and cost is squeezed to smaller margins. This article looks at the increasing use of Building Information Modelling or BIM in India also known as Virtual Design Construction (VDC) to achieve this. Continue reading

Rising Indian Cities : Smart Cities

Among the most dynamic places in the world, Indian cities are emerging as rapid development spots having focus on industry or technology.

With the launch of country’s Smart City programs, Indian cities are developing rapidly aiming towards cohesive development in terms of social planning and infrastructure. Continue reading

Understanding “What is” BIM?

Are you an Architect, an Engineer, a Contractor, or an Owner in the construction industry? Do you spend or see people spending unimaginable hours at work performing simple measurements and calculations over and over throughout the “Building Life”? Do you feel that you are shifting from your FOCUS for which you are appointed for? Have you heard about BIM or Building Information Modeling from your colleagues?

Continue reading