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BIM Services

We provide BIM or Building Information Modeling services. Our BIM services has been applied to a wide variety of design and construction projects ranging from small scale residentials to large scale commercials, factories, and healthcare facilities.

We help Architects, Consulting Engineers, Builders and Contractors by providing all the additional efforts that are required to be able to perform the BIM Services.

Our BIM Services are highly appreciated among our clientele due to our in-depth understanding of Information Technology and Core Design and Engineering processes. Using BIM, we have delivered numerous projects for Design firms and Construction firms.

Design & Construction BIM Services

We provide BIM support for projects in their Design and Construction stages. In Design stages, we help in developing BIM models for Preliminary Design, Planning Approval, Design Development and Tender & Award. Similarly, we help in Construction stages by developing BIM models for Construction Administration, MEP Service Coordination and As-built BIM models post-construction.

Cross-Disciplinary BIM Coordination Services

We provide cross-disciplinary BIM Coordination service to resolve potential conflicts upfront and avoid any costly abortive works and delays at Construction Stage. Using our Cross-dicsiplinary BIM Coordination, we create BIM Construction Models for various simulations, Coordination, Estimates, and Schedules for the Contractors in Detailed Design stage and manage construction with sub-contractors and suppliers, and perform changes to Design BIM Model. Our Coordinated BIM Model is then further used to create As-built BIM model.

BIM Model and Documentation Production Services

Our BIM Model and Documentation Production Services provides the production of 2D Drawings including Plans, Sections, Elevations, Details, and RFIs, etc using BIM Model to ensure there are no discrepancies as much as possible. It is recommended to produce documentation after the BIM Coordination has been done for the project.

Value-added BIM Services

Our BIM models are further utilized to perform digital analyses considered as additional BIM services or Value-added BIM Services. Our Value-added BIM services includes 4D Construction Scheduling and Sequencing which is mostly applicable for Design and Build Projects.

Our BIM Services are regarded as the most satisfying services among our clientele as we listen to their needs and work with them to define their needs from our partnership.

Our Successful BIM Services Appreciation

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We are there to support your design and or construction project with smart design and intelligent models using BIM.

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