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BIM Drafting Services

Visualize your design and materialize the advantages our BIM drafting services offers.

3D BIM Drafting is a process through which BIM models are composed. Composed BIM models visually communicate how the building or infrastructure will function or is constructed.

3D BIM can be created for Architecture, Structure, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Fire, and Infrastructures using inputs as hand sketches, PDFs, CADs, LandXMLs, Feild Book Files (*.fbk) and Point Cloud scans.

If you are an Architect, Engineer, Consultant, Contractor, Construction Manager, or a Facility Manager, 3D BIM Drafting is going to help you to ensure that the design options and documentations are unambiguous and relatively easy to understand.

3D BIM drafting is essential for communicating ideas in industry and engineering. To make design easier to understand, people use Building Information Modeling or BIM.

Precise communication is needed in the preparation of a functional document distinguishing technical documentation from expressive documentation. Technical documentations are understood to have one intened meaning whereas expressive documentations are subjectively interpreted and their meanings are multiply determined.

Using our 3D BIM Drafting services, you can easily make others understand your design intent visually.

3D BIM Drafting Services by WDI Studios

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