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About Us

WDI Studios is a privately owned company based in Gurgaon, India offering Architecture, Interior, and Building Information Modelling or BIM services to its clients.

Prior to the existence of BIM, WDI Studios was engaged only in traditional architectural and interior design practice in India adding substantial costs to the traditional design practice. With the introduction of BIM or Building Information Modeling, the company is poised to not only meet its own demand of adoption of new technology to reduce costs, but to also become a substantial service provider of BIM or Building Information Modelling to others.

WDI Studios subsidiary BIMNCAD is nurturing hundreds of BIM capable talents from aspiring graduates to working professionals in the Architecture and Construction Industry. For the past few years, we have been at the forefront of being innovative, utilizing our skills to the maximum possible use. We understand that both clients and the projects are unique, and we adept at tailoring our services and design to suit project requirements.

WDI Studios team has a proven track record in delivering projects for production facilities, hotels, luxurious residentials, and commercial buildings development and refurbishment. Our team has broad cross section of experience, superior design documentation and services coordination and innovative spects which enables quick and accurate information flow to design teams and contractors to ensure that each project milestones are realised.

Why work with us?

We are there to support your future construction project with smart design and intelligent models using BIM.

  1. INNOVATIVE PROCESSES - We practice advance processes to enhance our BIM delivery methodology among our clientele based on their specific or unique needs. Our youthful and proactive team encourages innovation and promotes communication between all design team members to achieve an integrated and hollistic outcome. 
  2. TEAMWORK - In particular, we connect with the project team in a proactive and positive way. We recognise that the performance of a whole team working together far exceeds the sum of the parts making up the team, or individuals within it.
  3. TIME TESTED APPROACH - We adopt a time tested transitioning approach to deliver best solution efficiently, effectively and to a high standard.

We utilize advance modeling software including the preferred Revit platform and we have a well integrated Building Information Modeling capacity. WDI Studios has recent experience in high rise residential, commercial, and industrial development and refurbishment. We understand the specific nature of the projects, especially regarding building information consultancy services, sustainable design and life and property safety.

Since we support practicing Architects, Civil engineers, and Mechanical engineers, BIM has increased our capabilities and expertise as it allows us to verify different design options visually and also resolve spatial coordination among multi-disciplinary models such as clashing of building services with architectural and structural elements. If we do not resolve these issues early, extra time and efforts are required to manage it on-site when they occur at the time of construction.

These capabilities provides us insight of multi-disciplinary aspects of a project as we replicate the actual construction in a digital model. Whether it be buildings or infrastructures, we create engineered information models with all the required information right from design stage to actual construction with element parameters required to maintain the project till its life span. As a leader in BIM, WDI believes that all the individuals are trained, competent and have correct authority to carry out their BIM roles. The size of our team and its structure is centred on BIM Leads, BIM Information Coordinators, and BIM Authors, allowing our organization to mobilize appropriate resources at short notices.


125, DLF Phase 4,
Sector 28,
Gurgaon-IN 122002


Phone: +91  9560584870 
Mon-Fri : 10am - 6PM (GMT+0530)
Sat-Sun : Closed