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4D BIM and 7D BIM Services

Avail our 4D BIM and 7D BIM services.

4D BIM is a process to link 3D BIM model element's visibility and other parameters with construction project's timeline. 4D BIM helps in visualizing construction projects and detailing out the possible outcome.

4D BIM or 4D Construction Simulation visually details out the construction of a 3D BIM model.

If you are an Architect, Engineer, Consultant, Contractor, Construction Manager, or an owner, 4D BIM is going to help you to ensure that the correct execution sequence is followed virtually and in correct manner.

4D BIM service helps to ensure the safery procedures and various installations to be done at a construction site.

Using our 4D BIM Services, you can easily visualize the construction of your projects in a timely manner.

7D BIM is a process to link the facility management data and other parameters required for a facility manager to function. 7D BIM helps in keeping track of data in a centralized manner. COBie is one such centralized data format for facility management.

7D BIM or Facility management using BIM is a handover process which contractors use to handover the facility management data to the owner.

If you are a Contractor, 7D BIM is going to help you to successfully handover the facility management data to the owner.

7D BIM service ensures that the facility management data such as warranty start date, end date, serial number, manufacturer, etc, is exported in a centralized data format. One such data format is COBie.

Using our 7D BIM and COBie services, you can have the facility management data incorporated into your BIM models.

7D BIM and Facility Management Services using COBie by WDI Studios

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