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  1. BUILDING INFORMATION MODELLING - BIM or Building Information Modelling is the process by which the design and or construction information of a Building and or an Infrastructure project can be stored digitally and in a collaborative format which leads to the creation of intelligent digital build-assets whether it be your architectural elements, structural elements, MEPF elements, or your construction data such as Design and Tender Drawings, As-built drawings, Construction Sequencing Videos, Modular Installations Sequence Animations, Construction Cost Analysis Data, in a single BIM format.
  2. WHAT BIM DOES? - BIM should have come early in design and construction industry just like the mechanical design industry to ease the construction process. Using BIM tools, you have the ability to perform and describe your design/construction intent more clearly or you can say it elevates your thought process visually, and most importantly, validates design and or construction, which reduces the efforts to a considerable extent such as resolving several on-site coordination issues in model itself. Whether it be a clash with other disciplines or a change in design, these issues are easily resolved in this new digital format created using BIM. This is just an example to describe BIM or Building Information Modelling.
  3. WHAT ADVANTAGES BIM OFFERS? -  Unlike 2D geometry, having a 3D BIM Format for your Design and Construction Data saves time, and is close to reality with the details you expect it to have. It can be Construction Data, Construction Authority Submission Data, Design Data, Visualizations, Analyses, etc which can be accessed and computed easily using BIM processes. If you are architect or a consultant engineer, you can significantly overcome your technological hurdles in design. If you are a construction contractor, you can seamlessly create and mamage your digital submissions. These are just few of it's advantages. More BIM advantages are being explored, tested, and applied in the Construction Industry.

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